Qualcomm Releases Glance Beta, Intelligent Lock Screen App for Snapdragon SoC


Qualcomm Inc., the world leader in smartphone microchips has released the Snapdragon Glance (Beta) application for android devices which allows users to view important notifications, see when their next appointment is scheduled, check the weather, launch relevant apps and contact people directly from the lock screen. aesthetically it might not be the best, but provides a useful set of features.

Glance Beta

The new Snapdragon Glance app is currently in Beta version and hence supports only a handful of devices powered by snapdragon SoC.

How The App Works –

The BatteryGuru application from Qualcomm analyzes how you use your phone and claims to improve the battery life of your device. The new Glance (Beta) app from Qualcomm uses that same usage data to build an intelligent lock screen.

The Snapdragon BatteryGuru application is required for the Glance (Beta) application to work efficiently. The Glance (Beta) application is available for free on the play store and is expected to work on most devices powered by Snapdragon SoC running android 4.3 or a later version.

Snapdragon Glance (Beta) Features

  • View Calendar events, Missed calls, SMS, Emails and other notification once you unlock the phone
  • View Time, Alarm and Weather updates easily on the lock screen
  • Get contacts and app suggestions based on your usage patterns
  • Add your favorite apps to the lock screen so that you can launch them quickly
  • Configure or customize your glance screen easily

Snapdragon BatteryGuru
Snapdragon Glance (Beta)

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