Xolo Q700 Review and Unboxing


The Xolo Q700 sports a 4.5 inch screen, it’s a screen with one glass solution, “OGS” as the company calls it. Powered by MediaTek quad core processor with 1GB RAM and sailing on the Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 OS. This handset is priced at Rs. 9,999 but from local stores you can get it for around INR9,500 or even less.

Xolo Q700 Box Contents

The Xolo Q700 Comes in the usual White Box that Xolo uses for it’s other handsets also. All the specifications are clearly mentioned on the rear side of the box.

Box Contents : 1 Xolo Q700 handset, 1 screen guard, 1 Li-ion battery of 2400 mAh capacity, 1 micro USB to USB cable, 1 earphone, 1 Power Adapter and user guide/ warranty booklet.

Xolo Q700 Box

You can check out the unboxing video of Xolo Q700 at the end of this article.


The Xolo Q700 looks and feels really premium thanks to it’s glossy look. This 4.5 inch handset is really comfortable to hold and is non-slippery.

Xolo Q700 Front

There are 3 Capacitive touch buttons on the front, the sensors, VGA camera on the top and volume rockers on the left and power button on the right side. The micro USB port and 3.5mm jack is placed on the top side. The rear side is simple matte black with XOLO logo, internal speakers and 5MP camera with BSI Sensor and LED flash. There is light, proximity, accelerometer and magnetic sensors. However no Gyroscope in this handset.

The handset is just 10.2mm thick. The built quality really good. in hands handset looks really a premium phone.

Display, OS and Storage

The OGS touchscreen is 4.5 inch with 960×540 pixels resolution (245 ppi). The touch is pretty smooth and responsive. Viewing angles are very good. Auto brightness is not of much use, you can set brightness to max as battery life of this device is pretty good.

Xolo Q700 notification light

The handset runs on Jelly Bean 4.2.1 OS. RAM is 1GB of which 510 MB is Generally free. Of the 4GB internal storage only 2.68 Gb is user accessible and sadly you cannot install apps on SD card on this handset. Well this is a big Drawback of this phone as you can have some trouble installing some high end games.

Performance and Benchmark Scores

The Xolo Q700 is powered by Quad core MTK6589W-M 1.2 Ghz ARM Cortex A7 processor with PowerVR SGX 544 MP Graphics chipset. The performance is Pretty impressive and as good as seen on high end phones from Samsung, Lg, Htc that costs about 20000Rs.

Benchmark scores

  • Quadrant Benchmark: 3786.
  • Antutu Benchmark: 13155.
  • Nenamark2: 39.6 fps.
  • Multi Touch: 5 point.
Camera Performance

The 5MP auto focus camera is with BSI sensor. The image quality is as good and comparable to that of Lumia 520, However Lumia 520 is slightly ahead. The camera can also record HD Videos Upto 720p resolution at 30 fps. HDR option is also there in camera.  In addition there is a front facing VGA Camera which is not even worth mentioning.

Xolo Q700 Back

You Check out the sample images by visiting the following links.


 Gaming and Entertainment

The handset can play videos upto 720p. Also You can increase the number of video formats supported by this device easily by installing MX Player from the Google Play Store.

I installed the Real Racing 3 and dead trigger on the Xolo Q700 and both Runs really well and without any lag. However as mentioned earlier biggest drawback is that apps cannot be moved to SD card, So disappointment for all gamers out there.

Sound Quality

The Q700 audio Quality is Good But Volume is low even when Playing through internal speakers, but listening to songs with help of earphones is really a joy. Equaliser works perfectly when earphones are plugged in.


Acceleromete, Proximity sensor, Magnetometer and Ambient light sensor are present in this phone and all works pretty Good.

Also 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS works perfectly fine.

Battery Life

The 2400 mAh Li-ion battery is enough to keep you going for a full day and even 2 sometimes as The estimated talktime is Upto 16 Hours and standby time is upto 350 Hours. In our tests, during heavy usage, the phone lasted easliy for 20Hrs.

TechImperia Verdict

We can Certainly Say The looks and the price that this handset comes at are both really attractive.  Certainly a best Buy if you are looking for a mobile under Rs. 10,000. Also it is a great option for Users who are not comfortable with a big 5 inch phone. Touch response of this phone is as good as any other phones. The Only Drawback is the inability to move apps 2 SD card.

Update 27/5/2013 – Xolo Q700 Can play 1080p videos with s/w decoder mode on mx player (lag free and fully synced)

So the Choice is yours. You can share your views with us in the comments section below.

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Xolo Q700 unboxing video


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  1. SharvariMalusare on

    I would love if you provide it’s stock ROM, help developers to build something more for the device,
    waiting for ur reply

  2. How is the USB otg feature working? Could you please do a video review? Can u please demo the xolo switch and other xolo exclusives?

    • @Mike USB otg feature is working quite well, we already tried it with upto 16GB pendrives, Gamepad, Keyboard and a mouse and we were really impressed with this device’s capabilities. Please stay tuned for the video review of this device.

  3. Suryakant Singh on

    I ownn this device. The looks r too sexy. In daylight the camera is better than of mmx a110. But in low light conditions, everything looks very dull and black kind of. In Lowlight imaging mmx a110 is better.

  4. IlyasAzadShaikh on

    I had been using nexus for 1 year and had to sell it for some reason. Since my budget was low i bought this one. My views – The os doesnt seem like its JB as its a bit of staggery. The in call voice quality is pathetic, even cheap china phones worth 500 Rs. are better.The touch while typing most of the times gives error because u touch somewhere and it takes it somewhere else. While on charging it is literally unusable becnause the touch doesnt respond properly. I try pressing home button and the shutter falls down and things like that. Once the phone hung on me so bad that even after removing the battery i wasnt able to use it and when i checked it showed that all four cores were fully used for some reason. Initially it used to take about 4 hours to charge now it take  more than 6 hours to charge. Verdict – I wasted my money !!!

    • Hey, seems like you got a faulty handset, as we don’t experienced any such problems, we suggest you send your phone to xolo care, they will resolve most of the problems. Regarding the phone being unusable, we agree with you as the charger supplied with it is not compatible, you should try other branded charger and it should be fine

      • IlyasAzadShaikh on

        ashintknocks Xolo care is people’s worst nightmare as far as i have done my research before purchasing. I had thought a lot before putting my money in Xolo and had considered this that if i got a problem with my phone i should learn to live with it or move on instead of making a nasty experience with the customer care people like others did.

        • Well while i relect your decision. But for others who experience similar problems on their handset, i would advice them to go for xolo care. Only reason xolo care has bad reputation is the fact that people whose case is not resolved tend to report it on online forums but people whose case get resolved dont bother much about it after. In my opinion, no brand has yet given 100% satisfaction to their customers in terms of after sales service. Xolo is in the same league.

        • IlyasAzadShaikh on

          ashintknocks I guess you have a point. I will try and have it repaired / replaced if possible.

        • nitish_prabhu on

          IlyasAzadShaikh ashintknocks I got my Xolo q700 two hours back and the touch isnt responding properly while charging. But when you charge it via your computer, there is no prob at all. there is just a prob with the travel charger that is provided.

        • Could you jus help me ….i need to know about data connection…it switches automatically to sim1…i jus couldnt find wher d fault is

    • IlyasAzadShaikh Don’t now who you are angry to, but it’s wrong to give false feedback. I owe this phone for more than a week now and till now it’s been much above expectation, very smooth OS (much smoother than ICS), call voice quality is very good, no compromise on call voice quality, Totally foolish to compare it with chinese phones (and i don’t think Rs. 500 can buy you any china phone too), typing is totally correct, no misses if you type like a human, while charging it’s due to low quality of charger which would produce lots of electromagnetic waves which hinder your touch and cause error – no problem with phone itself – however it’s advised that you don’t use phone while charging as it will decrease battery life and if battery overheated by overload then it can explode too. Phone doesn’t hang on anyone! And my phone didn’t hang ever yet, Charging time increases along with wearing of battery. As you told yourself that you used it even while charging, it’s doubtless that your phone will take more and more time to charge in future… Be honest in posting opinion, You may be making a big dent in Lava’s efforts of providing good phones in budget and you are abusing decision of many others who have selected it and are happy with it….

  5. If App2SD is installed, will it solve the issue of apps not being moved to sd card?

    • @Deepak Hey, App2SD will not work as the external storage is taken as emulated storage by android jelly bean 4.2 by default. So Currently there is no workaround for this except for rooting your device.

      • ashintknocks thanks! I searched google and looks like there is already a rooting guide available for the q700.. Problemo solved! 🙂

  6. IlyasAzadShaikh on

    Ashint – A call today to Xolo was not a pleasant experience. Anways i have given my address details for the pickup, will report further developments.

  7. Hi,
    Thinking of buying this phone. But i jus need to know if this has proper GPS on it, not jus location sensor using mobile towers. I use maps a lot to get around places. Owners pls reply…

    • @Sreeraj Hey, have been using this device for 2 months now, GPS is not an issue, even I use GPS a lot. My Advice – Don’t overlook this device because of GPS as it has proper GPS as you need.

      • @Sreeraj  ashintknocks I have bought this phone and found that the GPS is not working at all. I gave the phone for service and they returned it as is just with additional scratches. On contacting the service center folks (not the customer care), they are saying the chipset do not have the right drivers to support GPS!!!!!!!!!!! And that they are expecting a new ROM next week to solve it.

  8. HarpreetSingh on

    Hello Sir,
    I have been looking at many mobile phones of Samsung, Micromax, lenovo, xolo, karbon etc… But I can’t get anything which I would like to get my hands on. 
    I liked this device, but ‘rooting’ the device and after services worry me…because rooting it will cancel the warranty.

    Please if you could suggest me a phone with these or better specifications…
    Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
    IPS Screen 4 to 5 inch, not more
    at least 2100 mAh battery
    LED notification light
    At least 1.2GHz Quad Core processor
    I also would like in ear headphones, better internal memory and extra covers, etc. Camera doesn’t matter much to me. 
    Price is not a big problem, but I would like it to be less than 17,000/-

  9. without considering price
      which phone is bettr  XOLO Q800 or XOLO Q700  and why ?  i think both comes with same processor

  10. I bought Q 700 on 09/08/2013. From 11/08/13, phone started hanging & getting rebooted automatically. This happens when I use Wi-Fi, go to settings for any change or play any game (Subway surfer, Temple Run etc.). I have Xolo A700 which never had this issue, I live in GGN. Called service centre, they want me to send the phone to a Drop centre in Rohini which is 50 kms away from my home. Poor Customer Service, I was not sure whether to buy this phone or not, but may be my bad luck that I bought this set.

  11. Please be Aware. Don’t Buy Xolo phones. They will give you all sort of pain if in any case something goes wrong.

  12. HI….. Thanks for the great review…. I am planning to buy a new phone and
    confuse between Xolo q700 and Samsung Galaxy Core ….. I know the price
    difference is almost of 3k …. I was pretty convinced with Samsung galaxy
    core, but then saw this phone and was blown away with its features,
    specially 2400mah battery and that it has a USB on the go at this
    price…..but I am bit worried about the after sale service….since some
    people wrote very discouraging things about its after sale service…. so
    what will be your suggestion…. should I buy xolo q800 and leave the rest
    on luck or should I go for dependable option of Samsung Galaxy CORE….
    and can you also suggest me some other available option with a price
    range of 13k but with a screen size not bigger then 4.5″

  13. @varun After Sale Service By Xolo is the Worst Possible After Sale Service Given By any Smartphone Maker, So I would recommend Samsung Galaxy Core is your Best Bet. Hope This Helps.!!

  14. @Ravi ashintknocks Do you think they have received the GPS drivers? My phone is in the service center for the same issue. They have not been able to correct the issue.

  15. We can overcome the problem of low space by moving games to or from the sd card directly from the android folder when we need to. This is recommended to have many large games at a time. The memory isn’t good enough though to store extra large games like need for speed most wanted.

  16. ashintknocks  my GPS is also not working… my q700 is using wifi for locations…. useless phone…..