Rooting and installing Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 on Samsung galaxy S2 i9100


What is rooting?

Rooting is a feature provided by Linux that allows us to take control of our device. We can delete or modify system applications as and when required. We can apply coin hacks and gather resources in games and applications. Software limitations can be bypassed too.

Why Android 4.2.2?

Its the latest version offered by Google. You will be amazed by the speed of ROM and project butter. Project butter provides us with smoother and more stable interface. Features like day dream and lock screen widgets will take you to the journey of the future.


Rooting your device is an easy task. It’s just a matter of few keystrokes. But before you attempt, please follow instructions carefully.

We require

1. Odin

2. Samsung kies

3. custom kernel

4. custom ROM

5. Google apps

6. backup apps.

First of all backup all your data using backup applications(app backup and restore, sms backup, call logs backup) and backup your contacts from inbuilt application. Install Samsung kies on your computer(We need it because we need some drivers).

Note: There are two methods of flashing a kernel to your phone.

Caution: Be sure to copy your files before performing installation. This method is only for international version of Samsung galaxy s2 i9100.

Flashing via odin

Flashing via odin is an easy and automated task.

i) Turn your phone off and press these 3 buttons at same time, menu+volume down+power.

Result of Volume down+menu+power button

Result of Volume down+menu+power button


ii) Now press volume up button to reach downloading mode.

Result of volume up button

Result of volume up button

iii) Open Odin, check if your device is connected. It will show green or blue color box below ID com.

Odin on windows pc

Odin for windows pc

iv) click on PDA button and browse your custom kernel file. Make sure auto reboot and F. reset time is checked(No other options must be checked).

v) click on start and wait till the process is finished. Your device will stuck on boot menu. If this is the case, you are ready to go.

Installing ROM

i) Hold volume up+menu+power button at the same time until you reach kernel menu.

install zip from sd card

install zip from sd card

ii) Choose install zip from sdcard(use power button to make selection).

iii) on next screen choose zip from sdcard or choose zip from internal SD as per your requirements(internal SD is phone’s memory).

choose zip from sdcard

choose zip from sdcard

iv) choose your file and select yes. Your custom ROM will be installed.

v) install Google applications from zip.

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    • shubhamguptarap on

      sarvjeetbmp no problem. wipe dalvik cache(in advance option). and data partition and then reboot.

      • shubhamguptarap 
        i cant see the rom on my external sd ,and also im stuck on boot menu , how do i change to external sd ?thank you

        • shubhamguptarap on

          gabixxx shubhamguptarap Copy it to internal sd and select choose zip from sd card.

    • Shubham Gupta on

      no problem, you just have to copy ROM file to your internal SD card. While flashing you can choose file from internal SD option.

    • NebojsaVracaric on

      AlessandroP sorry but you cant install it without an sd card. they are pretty cheap these days and easy to get so its not a big hassle to get one 🙂

  1. After installing the kernel I tried to install the update from sd card but the copied update (.zip file) doesn’t show on my screen. What should I do?

    • shubhamguptarap on

      you must make sure that you are on right location. Check if you have your ROM in internal sd or external sd.

  2. Try to install the rom but sdcard can’t mount, get the error E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/log.

    • shubhamguptarap on

      @afc Check it out, there is option to mount SD card. Please note- your device must be rooted in order to install it.

  3. KaushikChakraborty on

    Hi……I followed each and every instructions carefully………The ROM is great…..It’s working fine…..But google now is not working……….is there any way to fix that…???……..Thanks in advance……

    • shubhamguptarap on

      KaushikChakraborty yes you can, 
      1. Try installing via or 
      2. You can install titanium backup and uninstall Google now from your device. After successful removal you can download and install it from the market.

      • KaushikChakraborty on

        shubhamguptarap KaushikChakraborty 
        It worked perfectly…….Thanks a ton……

    • even i tried mount sd card… still its showing error…. i put GT-I9100_ClockworkMod-Recovery_4.0.1.4 in Odnis PDA, was that correct?

        • shubhamguptarap on

          Srjunit shubhamguptarap looks like you are on official version and suffering from kernel security issue. First of all let me tell you that 4.2.2 doesn’t include FM radio. If you want to install it than you have to flash custom CWM kernel on your device, Then you must be able to flash custom ROMS.

        • shubhamguptarap on

          Srjunit shubhamguptarap download and install just like ROM( by checking the option PDA, browsing and flashing).

        • shubhamguptarap Srjunit which file have  to select in PDA??? thier are 4 folders etc, meta, res, sbin…

        • shubhamguptarap on

          Srjunit shubhamguptarap this is the file you need to browse in pda, download and flash it. Previous one was for flashing via SD card.

  4. Hi from where can i download the file for 4.2.2 upgrade on S2 using ODIN. Pls provide link

  5. Vigneshnatarajan on

    Hey Shubam,
    Awesome instructions. it worked like a charm. Followed every step and it was perfect, though I am an absolute beginner to rooting and installation of ROMs. Can you please advice on battery saving options. The S2 seems to be draining battery real fast, though I have to agree that the custom ROM is much better than stock in terms of the battery life. Are there any tips to save battery life. I try to not use WIFI and switch it off when am not home, however the battery life is not really great. I cannot get through a complete day without having to charge in the middle. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks a ton for this write up. Appreciate your efforts. Cheers..

    • shubhamguptarap on

      SaifaleslamAli If you are asking about the status of WiFi modem, the answer is yes. WiFi is working.

  6. DaveRobboRobson on

    how long should the rom take to install, its been on the x logo for about 20 mins now

    • shubhamguptarap on

      DaveRobboRobson it takes only 5 min.. You must boot into recovery mode and clear data and cache partition.

  7. Friend…I nee some help. Mi Galaxy dosn’t find my SD Card. I puted there the archives ROM. My galaxy no reconoce the conection USB.

  8. hi i have a problem how can i put back all my contac that i backup with kies becaus when i conect the phnone hi dont dictec the phone

  9. shubhamguptarap on

    noamtuyau you must connect your phone in MTP mode. You can no longer depend on kies because this ROM is not made by SAMSUNG.

  10. Hi,
    I am using Galaxy S2, which was running on old OS 2.4.6. This weekend, I tried out the automatic update using wifi and migrated to 4.0.4. The phone seemed to work fine for about a day and I even liked the improved interface. Then next mornign, I received another auto alert that another update (approx 450MB) is due. I accepted that, since then the phone has not been able to boot. I searched some online forums and someone suggested to go to recovery mode and a)Wipe Cache Partition & b) Wipe data/factory reset.
    I tried both and still the phone does not boot. It shows the Samsung Galaxy SII screen. What are my options now? I searched net and found that I could try two things:
    1. Flash a stock rom via Odin.
    2. Flash siyah kernel via Odin and do a full wipe.
    Is it worth a try, or should I approach a samsung service center? 

  11. NikolayVladovHinov on

    Hi, the phone is starting for like 20 min. till now and i`m only looking at samsung logo how long it takes to load the first time?

  12. NikolayVladovHinov on

    uuuuh i made it, after 2 hours of fight i finalllly made it …. it works perfect thanks!!!!

  13. shubhamguptarap on

    NikolayVladovHinov you are welcome. Next time if this happens please clear data partition and dalvik cache then reboot your device.

  14. shubhamguptarap on

    SairaMorla shubhamguptarap there will be option for wipe data partition and you just have to flash ROM. There is no need to partition it again.

  15. Hi. A little problem. I put rom on external sd card, but i can’t install it. Now i have the problem because  I can’t get into internal memory, so I’m stuck with samsung logo and yellow triangle. Thanks for advice.

  16. RANDY 


  17. I use galaxy s2 i9100 .I installed android 4.2.2 jelly bean .but I don’t like it .
    Please help me how to uninstall it.