LockScreen Android App That Pays You To View Ads


Paisa Swipe Beta can help you earn up to five (5) USD per month just by unlocking your lock screen, which is the easiest money you will ever make.

Interactive updates from Categories Such as News, Fashions, Bollywood, Hollywood, E-books, Entertainment, Arts and more!


You can get all new trends and news right on your lock screen!

So Folks, How Many Times a Day you Unlock your Android Lock Screen, Quite a few times I would imagine, Now, Have You ever Imagined Getting Paid For doing the Same. Well, Paisa Swipe Beta is Offering you just that.

Since it is in Beta Mode, so you would need to Create your Account to get started –

Head Over To here to Get Started with earning Money From Unlocking Your Lock Screen.

Tech Imperia Verdict – We have been Trying This App Since 2 days, it is working Pretty Fine As of Now, We have got 1.28$ in our account in 2 days. also Minimum Payout in this App is Just 10$ and to top it all, it pays you on Your PayPal Account. So App Seems Pretty Reliable. Thumbs Up From us.

UPDATE – Currency Format is now changed from USD to INR and Minimum Payout has been decreased to just Rs. 150 which you can opt for transfer in your PayPal Account and also an alternative Option for Recharges has been added for which Minimum Amount is just Rs. 50. and we are now confirming that this app pays in real, yes in real, so you have no reason to doubt it, Go Ahead download it and get started to earn free money.

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