Twitter’s New Advance Search Feature Lets You Search Tweets Between Specific Dates


As trend of social media is increasing now a days, social networking sites are changing their interface and enhancing their services frequently, so that they can provide better services to the users and retain their trust and loyalty. Of Late twitter has made some changes to it’s the advance search feature in its web version. It now enables the user to search the tweets posted in a particular date range.

Earlier also users could search the tweet inside a particular date range but earlier the user would have to remember prefixes ‘Since:’ and ‘Until:’ to search tweets posted between two dates.


For example, earlier if you wanted to search tweets containing Rajnikant then you have to do like this like this: “Rajnikant since:2013-02-01 until:2014-02-06” to locate the tweets related to subject within these dates. But now much to everyone delight this feature has finished the role Since and now you can do a advance search specified the two dates from here.

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