Leaked Press Image Shows Nexus 5 in Red


Just a few days back, we all heard the rumours of the Nexus 5 to be launched in red and yellow colour and now the ever prolific leaker evleaks has spilled the beans once again as it tweeted a picture of a red nexus 5 which looks very official.

In The above leaked image, The Nexus 5 can be seen spotting bright red colour. If Various Sources on the Internet are to be believed than the Red Nexus 5 will become a reality for all on February 4, but there is no official word from Google or LG yet on the availablatity of the Red Colored Nexus 5 yet. Besides the Red Colored Nexus 5, we may also be seeing the nexus 5 in yellow and probably some other colors too. We are not sure if this is a Google’s or LG’s decision but we are pretty sure that a variety of color options is surely gonna help these companies in promoting the Nexus 5.


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