How to get root access on most android phones


In Linux, Rooting is the process of  getting full control of your device. In Android, it’s commonly known as superuser access. After getting the superuser access you can install or replace anything in your Android device.

It can be done using 2 process

  • Custom
  • Automated

In this tutorial we will be using automated process to root or unroot all kinds of Android devices. Kingo Android Root, is a free software that will help us in getting access to our core file system.

  1. Download utility from here
  2. In your phone settings, Go to developer options and turn on USB debugging
  3. Run Android root on your PC
    kingo android

    kingo Android

  4. Connect your device via USB cable
    kingo root

    kingo root

  5. Click on ROOT
    kingo click on root

    kingo-click on root

  6. Device will reboot after the process
  7. Check for superuser application in your phone

Note : This tutorial was tested on Samsung galaxy s2 i9100 running Android 4.1.2. Whole process took 2 minutes only

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