Airtel, Vodafone and Idea increases 2G rates


vodaHeartbreaker for the smartphone users as leading service provider companies like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India and Idea Cellular had increased the rate of their 2G internet packs. This moves comes as a shock after companies like Reliance, BSNL and Aircel had almost halfted their Prices of 3G internet plan rental

Mobile service providers in India  has suddenly raised their rates of the 2G data plans in an apparent bid to increase margins over sales or it can be seen as a step to narrow the difference between the rates of 2G and 3G internet rentals . As per the new plans, Airtel subscribers in Delhi and Mumbai would now get just 525 MB of free 2G data for the Rs. 125 plan and would have to pay Rs. 154 for 1 GB of 2G data.Similarly, Idea Cellular has increased the 1 GB 2G data plan to Rs. 151.

It may be noted that as more and more subscribers are using internet now a day it gives leverage to companies to increase their profit and increase the price accordingly

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  1. this is really absurd, how can TRAI allow this to happen, this price increase in unreasonable and unfortunately there is no control by Govt. of India. These regulators are already earning more as most of the people are using mobile internet, as an Economy of scale rule, they should be slashing the price but here they are increasing and TRAI is allowing them to do that….